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HealthCare Digital Solution, INC (HCDS Group) is a consulting firm specializing in healthcare IT business integration since 2005.

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HealthCare Digital Solution, INC (HCDS Group) is a consulting firm specializing in healthcare IT business integration since 2005. Located in the heart of Midwest region of United States, HealthCare Digital Solution INC corporate headquarter in Chicago, IL has served multiple healthcare professionals (such as medical offices, dental offices, medical/dental suppliers, imaging manufacturers, etc) in more than 10 years. 
With international and national consultants, engineers, mathematicians, business and financial consultants as well as developers, HCDS group has provided services to major insurance company, small businesses, medical diagnostic and imaging companies in their business IT and integrated solutions.
Since 2016, HCDS Group extensively invest in the development and implementation of Big data analytic utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) via Deep Learning and Neural Network approach. Amongst its achievement are medical diagnostic imaging (radiographs, photographs) diagnostic imaging via convolution neural network approach. The AI subdivision of HCDS along with Apps subdivision of HCDS has also been endorsed by NVIDIA as part of their inception program in 2018 which allow HCDS to excel forward in their solution with extensive infrastructure support from NVIDIA.


To provide well designed and well balanced IT system integration to multiple businesses (ranges from Small to Large businesses) by using the most current technology solution such as AI and Deep Learning with human life and health sciences as the center.


Create, establish and implement system and business integration IT solution using the most current technology availableProvide solution to promote human life, health and wellness through big data analytic, deep learning, machine learning and AI technology.Ability to analyze and improve existing business ecosystem through pattern recognition, big data analytic, deep learning, convolution neural network and AI technology.

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Our Clients

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Healthcare Digital Solution, INC

47 W Polk St. Suite 251

Chicago, IL 60605


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